Policies and Procedures Manual

Topical Index

Applying for a Social Security Number Procedure
Award Program Policy
Background Checks Policy
Background Checks Procedure
Classification and Personnel Actions Policy
Compensation Policy and Compensation Guidelines Policy and Guidelines
Compliance with Health and Safety Directives Policy
Conflict of Interest Knowledge Center
Contact with State Officials Policy
Determining FLSA Status of Positions Procedure
Direct Deposit Policy
Discipline for Covered Employees Policy
Discipline for Non-Covered Employees Policy
Domestic Violence in the Workplace Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy Policy
Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy and Guidelines Policy and Guidelines
Dual Employment Policy
Dual Employment Procedure
Emergency Closing Policy Policy
Emergency Closing Procedures Procedure
Employee Assistance Program Procedure
Employee Recognition Program Policy
Employee Service Award Program Procedure
Employee Tuition Assistance Policy
Employment Verifications Policy
Ethics Policy
Graduate Student Employment Policy
Graduate Student Workers Policy
Grievance Policy Policy
Hiring Policy
Hiring an International Employee without a Social Security Number Procedure
Hourly Paid Employees Policy
International Employment Procedure
International Employment and Tax Procedure
International Student Workers Policy
Lactation Support Policy Policy
Leave - Annual Leave Policy
Leave - Continuing Benefits during an Unpaid Leave of Absence Procedure
Leave - Court Policy
Leave - Funeral Policy
Leave - Grant Personal Leave Policy
Leave - Military (Short and Long Term) Policy
Leave - Other Paid Types of Leave Policy
Leave - Sick Policy
Missing Funds and/or Property Policy
Non-Compliance of Student Worker Policies (Graduate, International, and Undergraduate) Procedure
Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy Policy
Nonexempt Employee Timekeeping Policy Policy
On Call and Call Back Pay Policy
Payroll Deductions Procedure
Payroll Processes Procedure
Personal Communication Services Procedure
Personal Communication Services Policy
Political Office Policy
Protection of Minors in Youth Programs and Activities Policy
Reduction in Force Policy Policy
Regular (FTE) Part-Time and Temporary Staff Policy
Regular (FTE) Part-Time and Temporary Teaching Faculty and Staff Policy
Reissue/Lost Check Policy
Replacement of Check Due to Closed Bank Account Policy
Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect Policy
Request FLSA 13(A)(3) Exemption Procedure
Request to average paid service hours for summer camp/seasonal workers Procedure
Separation from Employment Policy
Social Security Taxes Policy
South Carolina State Credit Union Policy
Special Payments Policy
Staff Performance Management Policy Policy
Supplemental Retirement Procedure
Telecommuting Policy
Temporary Light Duty Return to Work Program Policy
Travel Time Policy
Unauthorized Absence Policy Policy
Unauthorized Work Policy
Undergraduate Student Employment Pay Scale Policy
Undergraduate Student Workers Policy
University Holidays Policy
University Required Training Policy Policy
Volunteers Policy
Worker's Compensation Policy
Workplace Violence Policy
Workweek Policy

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